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Mrs. Primack's English Class

Is Google Making Us Stupid?


This is a take home test that requires you to do a little of your own research. 
                                       You must find the answers to each of the following questions. Begin with your textbook. 
                                       There is a good introduction to Romanticism there. 
1. The Romantic movement originated from which country?
2. The ideals and tenets of Romanticism was in general the antithesis of which movement?
a) Realism
b) Neo-Classicism
c) Medievalism
d) Existentialism
e) Puritanism
3. The word "romantic" was first used to describe:
a) a beautiful and rare flower
b) a relationship between a man and a woman
c) a relationship between mother and child
d) medieval relationships in the mid- 1600s
e) none of the above
4. One of the following is not a part of the 5 I's of American Romanticism:
a) Inspiration
b) Innocence
c) Imagination
d) Intuition
e) Indolence
5. Who heavily influenced Romantic dramatists?
a) William Shakespeare
b) Goethe
c) Friedrich von Schiller
d) Faust
e) both a) and c)
6. Where do Romantics find inspiration for their works?
a) Nature
b) Emotions
c) Religion
d) both a and b
e) all of the above
7. What is the underlying theme of all Romantics?
a) ideas of the imagination is equal to or better than the ideas of science
b) the portrayal of life through minute details and realistic images
c) focus on the love and hate aspect of human nature
d) emphasis on mental and physical growth through consumption
e) none of the above
6. Which of the following was not a female Romantic?
a) Emily Dickinson
b) Elizabeth Barret Browning
c) Emily Bronte?
d) Eleanor Dashwood
e) Elizabeth Gaskell
8. Which of the following is true of the female aspect of Romantic literature?
a) Due to the social conditions of the time, the number of
                                    female writers was negligible
b) Female Romantic writers proved that women could write equal
                                    to or better than male Romantic writers
c) Female Romantics wrote poetry and novels under pseudonyms
d) Female writers dominated the Romantic literary movement
                                    and the movement would not have occurred if it wasn't due to individuals like Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Ann Radcliffe.
e) None of the above
9. Which of the following people heavily influenced the Romantic movement?
a) Rousseau
b) Napoleon
c) Shakespeare
d) both b and c
e) all of the above
10. How can one describe Romantic art?
a) It is subjective, emotionally intense, and dreamlike
b) It is extremely detailed and complex techniques are employed
c) It is eccentric and stimulates the senses
d) it is meant to be enjoyed by the aristocracy
e) all of the above
11. In England, what led to the demise of the Romantic movement?
a) the Reform Bill
b) The Industrial Revolution
c) The Great Awakening
d) The Great Exhibition of 1860
e) The American Civil War
12. Which of the following is true of opium and the Romantic literary movement?
a) It was not until Thomas De Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium Eater that other British poets and writers began experimenting
                                    with it 
b) Many writers who used opium believed it enhanced their imagination
                                    and therefore enhanced the quality of their work
c) Edgar Allan Poe, John Keats, Charles Pierre Baudelaire,
                                    and members of the Club Des Haschischins all used Opium
d) American Romantic authors did not use opium
e) All of the Above
13. All of the following are true about the Gothic Romance EXCEPT:
a) They were interested in things such as mysteries, ghosts,
                                    Gothic castles, violence, vampires, terrors, and all other recurring motifs of Gothic literature
b) They were interested in the supernatural
c) The Gothic Romance is the same as Dark Romanticism
d) Critics of the time claimed that Gothic Romances had no
                                    moral or philosophical value
e) Gothic literature is tainted with symbolism
14. What were the opinions of Romantics in regards to the Devil?
a) Romantics liked the Devil as they expressed their problems,
                                    hidden tendencies, and ambitions through the Devil as a character in stories
b) the Devil is rarely mentioned in Romantic literature and thus no strong opinion exists
c) The devil was an important character of Romanticism to celebrate
                                    the impossible or absurd
d) both a and c
e) none of the above
15. What did the American Dark Romantics analyze?
a) the grotesque, the gloomy, the morbid, the fantastic
b) the psyche of humans
c) the supernatural world
d) the wrongs of society such as injustice, murders, and child abuse
e) a, b, and c
16. What was unique about the Romantic fairy tale?
a) It followed the traditions of a classic fairy tale
b) It was unorthodox as it included complex problems open to
                                    interpretation and lacked human warmth
c) It was written for mainly a children audience
d) It was a genre in which young Romantic writers could express
e) both b and d
17. What did the preface of lyrical ballads declare?
a) Napoleon was a heretic
b) the Gothic Romance was actually an important and profound work of art
c) to abandon one's pursuit of knowledge for the pursuit of nature
d) the role of poetry in society must change
e) Samuel Taylor Coleridge was an opium addict
18. Which of the following did American Romantics support?
a) abolitionism
b) the Doctrine of Slavery
c) Jacksonian Democracy 
d) both a and c
e) none of the above, the American Romantics were a literary circle who did not involve themselves in political
                                    and social reforms
19. Which of the following is NOT a quality of a Romantic Hero?
a) he often comes in contact with people and saves them
b) he values emotion over rational thought
c) he attempts to become one with the natural world
d) he is often youthful, innocent, and intuitive
e) he is hopelessly uneasy with women
Short Answer:
20. What is the difference between the first and second
                                    wave of Romanticism?
21. What is the Transcendental idea of Oversoul?
22. What were the themes behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?
23. What were the main themes of the British Romantic poets?
24. In general, what aspect of Romanticism survived in
                                    the Victorian Age?
25. What did the Romantic Movement have influence over?
Essay Questions:
1. In your opinion, how has Romanticism has led to the
                                    way society is today?
2. Could the Romantic Movement have occurred anywhere else
                                    in history? If so, what are the criteria or fundamental basis for which ideas of Romanticism can grow?
3. Evaluate how the social system of the era influenced
                                    Romantic works.
4. Evaluated how the tenets of Romanticism influenced culture
                                    in the 19th century.




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