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Mrs. Primack's English Class


Is Google Making Us Stupid?


Procedures are a part of life. We follow procedures for using a telephone book, boarding an airplane, approaching a traffic light, and attending a wedding. The reason we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient ways other people do things. There are procedures in this classroom too. The procedures establish our classroom culture. The following is a list of the procedures that we will use to help maintain an efficient classroom.


  Entering the Classroom

Enter the classroom quietly and calmly, sit in your assigned seat and begin the “Do Now” activity.

  “Do Now” Work

Each day when you arrive to this class, there will be a "Do Now” assignment on the table, the board or the overhead projector. When you enter the classroom you should immediately get started on the assignment. The assignment will be corrected verbally as a class. When you have completed the assignment, you should write in your journal or read. Every day you should record the daily entry from the board into the "Do Now” section of your notebook. This is always a part of the "Do Now” assignment.

  Collecting Work

Work is collected by passing your papers to the person seated in front of you. Place your paper on top of your neighbor's paper and then continue passing the papers to the front of the row. When all of the papers are received at the end of the row, the student, whose job it is to collect papers will gather all of the papers and put them in the finished work basket.

   Turning in Work  

There are two baskets in the front of the room. One basket is labeled "class work" and the other is labeled "homework." Whatever type of assignment you have to turn in, place the work in the appropriate basket.

   Labeling Your Work

Make sure all assignment have your full name, period and date clearly written on the top left margin of your paper.  

   Late Work

Assignments received one day late will receive a maximum grade of 70%. Assignments that are two days late will receive a maximum grade of 50%. Assignments three days late or later will not be accepted and a grade of 0 will be given.

    Restroom Passes

In order to control the amount of traffic leaving my classroom a maximum of 3 people may go to the

restroom during any given period. You may go to the restroom only if:

a) you have finished all of your assigned work

b) the class is working on Individual work

c) you have not abused this privilege in the past.

d) only one student may use the restroom at a time.

You must sign out in the Lav Log and sign back in when you return to class.

When You are Absent

All papers that are passed out during class or any notes that need to go home will be placed in the Make-up Work basket. When you come back to school you must pick up the work from the basket to complete. You should ask your fellow classmates what assignments, quizzes, tests and/or notes you may have missed. You must also check in with me the day you return from an absence to set up a make-up schedule.

E-mail assignments:

If you have access to the Internet at home you may e-mail me at:

 and ask for missing work. Class work and homework are posted on my website:


  Working in Cooperative Groups

1.               You are responsible for your own work.

2.               You are to ask a "support buddy" for help if you have a question.

3.               You must help if you are asked for help.

4.               You may ask for help from the teacher when the group agrees on the same question.

5.               Roles are assigned for all group work. You are responsible for your assigned role.


Each student will keep a 3-ring binder or a 5-Subject notebook, organized as specified below:


1.4Notes    2. 4Writing  3. 4Do Now  4.4Vocabulary   5. 4Journal


  Saying "Thank you."

At all times, remember to say thank you to one another. Along with "thank you," "please" should also be used at all times.

  End of Class Dismissal

I dismiss the class, not the bell. Students will wait until I dismiss them.


Required Materials:


__Notebook for this class only. All notes will be written here.

__Folder for this class only.

__Writing utensils. Pens, pencils and highlighters.


 It is very important that you are in class every day. You can never learn as much from borrowing people’s notes as you can from actively participating.



MY PHILOSOPHY: Any behavior which interferes with my ability to teach, or any student's opportunity to learn will not be tolerated. To make it possible for the students to learn and for the teacher to teach, each student will consistently demonstrate:

1. RESPECT – for your teacher, your classmates, yourself, the furnishings, the materials, and the equipment while you are in this room. NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE CLASSROOM, UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION.

2. APPROPRITAE BEHAVIOR - Common sense tells you when actions, words, etc. are inappropriate or unacceptable in society. This classroom is a place where only appropriate words and actions are acceptable. Please use good judgment when speaking or writing. This applies to everything you do while in this class.

3. RESPONSIBILITY - for yourself. Follow the school rules at all times while in this classroom (see the Student Handbook).

4. COOPERATION- by working cooperatively with your teacher and classmates and following directions.

5. PREPARATION- by arriving to class on time with all materials (homework, books, assignments, notebook, pen, etc.) and being ready to begin class when the bell rings. No one will be allowed to go to a locker to retrieve materials after the bell has rung.

6. HONESTY- Do your own work. The penalty for cheating/plagiarism is a grade of 0.


1st offense - Verbal Warning

2nd offense - Conference after class

3rd offense - Detention with teacher after school, completion of DISCIPLINARY ACTION PLAN and parents will be notified

4th offense - Disciplinary Referral/ phone call to parents


Immediate removal from class.

NO ONE will be allowed to interfere with the learning of others!

I want this year to be a great one for you, and I want this class to be one of your most interesting and rewarding.  Whether that happens for you is, in large part up to you.

You will succeed in this class if you

__Are present and on time.

__Bring all class materials with you every day.

__Act in a respectful, responsible and courteous manner.

__Hand in all assignments on time

__Participate in a positive, creative, and cooperative way.


Weighting of grades

__Grades in this class will be weighted on the following scales.


Quarter Grades

2Assignments/Projects 35%       2Quizzes 20%          2Homework 10%    2Tests 35%


Semester Grades

First Quarter 40%

Second Quarter 40%

Final Exam 20%